Curriculum II

Charity & Philanthropy

Gruber-Lavin has a long record of activities in the field of international humanitarian relief assistance and other fields of welfare activities. Starting with supporting the Druze minority at the Syrian/Lebanese border area during his UN-Mission or operating humanitarian aid transports (with CARE) in the early 90s to Mostar (Bosnia), which became the site of a bloody siege at that time during the Bosnian war, up to supporting charities while his work in Africa, like sponsoring the Grace of God Orphanage and Primary School Inganga and others.

As a member of a district council in Vienna and chairman of the cultural commission Gruber-Lavin supported numerously social associations and action groups.

As member of the Association of Austrian Peacekeepers  and the Royal British Legion he is supporting the welfare and interests of Veterans.

To backup these activities he earned a Certification for Safety and Health (SMP20 – Irish Legislation Authority). 2012 Gruber-Lavin successfully completed a helicopter Marshaller – Training and earned the CSLI Air Wings in Silver.

Gruber-Lavin is member of the student fraternity Corps Victoria Vienna and 2014 – 2015 Chairmen („Philistersenior“) of their old fellows association (“Altherrenschaft”).

His interest in heraldry and genealogy led to be awarded a membership in the Cambridge University Heraldic and Genealogical Society (2014).

Lazarus Union (CSLI), Hospitaller Order of Lazarus (HOLJ) & Order of St. Joachim (OSJ).

2011 Gruber-Lavin, joined the Corps Saint Lazarus International (CSLI) („Special Consultative Status“, ECOSOC – Economic and Social Council) as a Captain (csli). He served as an Officer on staff duty assigned to the UCIC (Union Commander in Chief) and CSLI Group Liaison Officers (Staff), Corps Austria with the rank of Colonel (csli). 2015 he was elected Secretary General of the Union and appointed delegate to the United Nations Office at Vienna (UNOV).

He is Member of the Hospitaller Order of Saint Lazarus of Jerusalem (of the United Grand Priories) and has been invested into the Order by the Grand in the Dominican Church in the city of Sopron, Hungary. In April 2012 Gruber-Lavin was appointed as Grand Prior of the Grandpriory of Austria (partner of the UN Global Compact Network). He was invested as Grand Prior and promoted to the rank of Knight (KLJ), during the First International Lazarite Symposium in Malta.

In August 2013 he received his admittance as a “Knight expectant” of the Equestrian, Secular and Chapterial Order of Saint Joachim (OSJ) and was promoted to the rank of a “Knight” by the Grandmaster of the order during the UK Investiture in November 2013.